Application Modes

You can apply for Open 10K race category, during respective

I. Charity Running Places

Participants are required to visit the Philanthropy Partner website and contact an NGO to enquire for a bib in the Open 10K category. They would then have to make a donation to the NGO. Please DO NOT DONATE DIRECTLY on the NGO page for a bib. After you have spoken with the NGO representative and decided the donation amount, the NGO will share a unique link for an online payment for the bib. Alternately, you can send a cheque in favour of United Way of Mumbai and your information to the NGO. The NGO will guide you further and give you a unique voucher code to register yourself for Open 10K category.

II. Women's Criteria

III. Persons With Disability

For registrations, participants are required to contact
Ms. Nalanda Joglekar -  or 
Ms. Nimisha Mehta -  

Please refer to for more details