• Online:
    Group Entries (Online registrations only):

    Where 20 or more individuals submit their entries together, using online group registration method detailed below, this will constitute a group entry. More than 150 applications from a single group/entity/association will not be accepted. Please DO NOT club Marathon and Half Marathon entries with group entries. Such entries will be disqualified.

    Online group registration using scratch card

    • Each group need to purchase the scratch cards codes in advance and distribute them to its members for online registration. To request for scratch card codes, email at fulfilling the appended requisites. The group needs to provide below mentioned documents:
      • Scanned copy of PAN Card of the company/NGO/any other entity.
      • A covering letter on an official letterhead issued by the company/NGO/any other entity. Format of the covering letter is mentioned which includes the following:
        • Name of the group.
        • Address of the group
        • Total Number of entries.
        • Details of Payment made i.e. Cheque/DD/Card Payment/NEFT, date of purchase, amount, bank details is to be submitted.
        • Name, contact number, email id of the one point of contact of the group and address of the company/entity/NGO.
        • GST Number of the company/entity/NGO to raise an invoice
        • State Name and State Code to raise an invoice
      • Post sending all the above given documents with payment, an invoice will be sent to the point of contact’s email address mentioned in the covering letter.
      • All the members of the group need to register individually online
      • Purchasing scratch cards does not guarantee entry to the event and the members of the group need to register online on using scratch cards before the registration end date or till the running spaces are available. Event promoters will close registrations as and when the running spaces are filled.
      • Once scratch cards are purchased, it can only be used online for Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020 edition and till the time registrations are open or running spaces are available. Unused scratch cards cannot be returned or cancelled and the amount paid for purchasing unused scratch cards will be refunded after deducting processing fees of Rs 150.
      • Online entries using any other payment mode other than scratch cards will not be treated as a group entry.
      • All requisites to register online by an individual needs to be fulfilled to complete online registration.

    Please note No physical applications will be accepted in Dream Run Race Category.

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