Confirmation Criteria

TMM 2024 Marathon Confirmation Criteria

Entry to the Marathon race category will be confirmed based on the ‘confirmation criteria’ explained in detail below:

I] Timed Runner

1. For 2024 edition, registration in this criterion will be on first come first served basis for each of the age groups, men and women, mentioned below: 

Age groups: 18 yrs. to under 30 yrs., 30 yrs. to under 35 yrs., 35 yrs. to under 40 yrs., 40 yrs. to under 45 yrs., 45 yrs. to under 50 yrs., 50 yrs. to under 55 yrs., 55 yrs. to under 60 yrs., 60 yrs. and above.

2. Timings of the only marathon (42.195 km), 25 km distance and half marathon (21.097 km) distances conducted at an on-ground event will be considered to qualify for the marathon race category. Timing cut-off across all age groups (as mentioned above) to apply for the marathon category are: 

MarathonUnder 7 hrsUnder 7 hrs
25KUnder 3 hrs 18 minUnder 3 hrs 35  min
Half MarathonUnder 2 hrs 45 minUnder 3 hrs

3. Applicants will get their confirmation within 7 working days of registration or on or before 9th December 2023, whichever is earlier. 

4. Applicants can submit timing certificates of only those events wherein Race promoters/organizers need to follow the below-mentioned guidelines,  for timing certificates of their races to be considered under confirmation criteria. Where any of the guidelines are not followed by a promoter/organizer, or where there are many issues/complaints relating to timing, distance or technical conduct of the race, Procam may at its sole discretion, not accept the timing certificates of such running events. Decision of Procam in this regard will be final and binding. 

i. The running event must have been conducted on or after 1st May 2022. 

ii. The course is measured either by an accredited World Athletics/AIMS measurer using the calibrated bicycle method 


OR by a local state athletic association representative using a GPS measurement device. Measurement by GPS device has been found to underestimate course length by approximately 400m over a marathon distance so the target reading for a GPS-measured marathon should be 1% more than the advertised distance, i.e., 42.62 km. Equivalent GPS device target lengths for other race distances would be: 25km - 25.25km & Half Marathon - 21.31km. The measurement report must be uploaded onto the official website of the event. The measurement report must be uploaded on the respective event’s website.

iii. All runners are compulsorily timed using the RFID technology.

a. Timing tags must have been securely pasted to the running number bibs before handing them over to the runners – timing tags must not be handed out loose to the runners.

b. In addition to the timing mats at the start and finish gates, the course should have the following minimum number of mats on the course (split points) –

(a) For a full marathon course (42.195 km) – at least 3 split point timing mats.

(b) For a 25 km course – at least 2 split point timing mats

(c) For a half marathon course (21.097 km) – at least 2 split point timing mats.

c. The provisional timing results are displayed on the website within 12 hours of the published close hour of the race.

d. Final race results should be available on the event website and verifiable online. Such final results must also include timings of runners recorded on the minimum number of split points as mentioned in point iii(c) above.

iv. Please note your running events cannot state verbally or in writing, expressed or implied, as an official qualifier to the Tata Mumbai Marathon/ Mumbai Marathon across any forms of communication.

v. The course must be measured by an AIMS ratified/local state athletic association representative, and the measurement report must be uploaded on the official website of the event.

vi. Adequate verifiable mechanisms are required to be put in place by the race promoter/organizer to verify that the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 applicant is the runner who registered and ran at the running event in concern.

vii. Runners with results that show timings of a lesser number of split points/split point timing data not available, such timing results/certificates will not be considered for the Tata Mumbai Marathon.

viii. In case it is observed that there are a substantial number of finishers with one or more timing split point missing data/data not available, Procam may at its sole discretion not accept timing certificates of such running events. The decision of Procam shall be final and binding. 

ix. The organizer/promoter is to give a written declaration to Procam confirming the following–

(a) The technical conduct of the race in question is being assisted by the local/state athletics federation.

(b) Number of timing mats used (in addition to mats at start and finish gates) and the course map specifying locations where mats are placed (indicating kilometer point) on the course map of timed race categories.

(c) The course has adequate verifiable anti-cheat mechanisms, including timings mats at split points, functional cameras at important junctions, throughout the duration of the race with footage available for verification and officials present at crucial junctions.

(d) It is advised that the final timing results declared for all timed categories be shared with Procam International in an excel file capturing the appended details of all finishers of the race, at tatamumbaimarathon@procam.in . This is required for verification of results

a. First Name, middle name & Last Name

b. Bib no.

c. Gender

d. All Split point timings data including Start point.

e. Net finish time

f. Rank

5. The qualification timings mentioned above (point 2) will be considered only for confirmation eligibility of an applicant in the marathon race category. Timing results, rankings and certificates of the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 will be generated only for runners who complete the marathon distance within 7 hrs from their start time.

6. Please note, accepting timing certificates of an event for entry confirmation is at the sole discretion of the Event Promoter, Procam International.

II]   Women’s Criteria (timed runner only) 

To encourage women participation there are a limited number of running places reserved for women applicants. Women applicants too need to submit a timing certificate, from a distance running event, with net finish time fulfilling the guidelines mentioned in ‘Timed Runner’ criteria given above, to get confirmed. Registration in this criterion will be on a first come first served basis. 

III] Charity Running Places (timed runner only):

NGOs registered with the event's Philanthropy Partner, United Way Mumbai, have been allotted limited charity running places, which can be availed by applicants directly through the participating NGOs. Charity running places will be available with the participating NGOs for a donation from 10th August 2023 to 13th December 2023, or until charity running places last, whichever is earlier. Applicants, under charity running places, will also need to submit–

(a) Mandatory documents required for application submission, eg: Govt. approved personal photo identification document,

(b) A timing certificate as detailed under ‘timing qualification criteria’, the finish time cut-off remaining the same, and 

You may log on to the philanthropy partner's website www.unitedwaymumbai.org/tmm for more details or write to tmm@unitedwaymumbai.org.

All applicants and confirmed participants of the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2024 are requested to visit the event website: https://tatamumbaimarathon.procam.in/ for regular updates.



Applicants who had applied for and got confirmed in the Marathon race category will get allotted line-up sections for race day start (21st January 2024) based on the finish timings mentioned on respective timing certificates submitted at the time of application.

*Line-Up Sections:

When submitting the finish time of  Marathon (42.195 Km) Distance:

SectionSection Start TimeSection End Time
F06:10:00 onwards


When submitting the finish time of 25 KM distance:

SectionSection Start TimeSection End Time
F03:32:26 onwards


When submitting the finish time of Half Marathon (21.097 KM) distance:

SectionSection Start TimeSection End Time
F02:57:28 onwards

*The line-up sections given above are indicative and may undergo a change, which will be communicated on the event website post-close of all registrations.

Important: Confirmed applicants improving their timing performance post submission of application can request for changing the Line-Up section only till 30th November 2023, valid timing certificate needs to be provided for this on email: tatamumbaimarathon@procam.in