Race Day: 21ST JAN, 2024


It takes courage & perseverance to run a marathon, it is a life changing experience but there is always someone who deserves equal credit for your achievement. Someone who inspired you, guided you or supported & cheered you through the journey. Tata Mumbai Marathon, gives you the platform to proudly appreciate that someone.

Presenting, the world’s first ‘Inspiration’ marathon medal.

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At first glance, it looks like one medal. But force it apart and you will see two different medals: one for finishers and one for those who inspired them, every step of the way.

Inspiration comes from everywhere-

Your mother who woke up early every single day of your training and fed you before & after your run.
The kids for whom you are running to raise charity.
Your husband or wife, who shared responsibilities so that you could focus on your training.
Your run coach or running buddy, who never let you give up on your goal.
Whoever is your inspiration, we have a medal for you to show your gratitude.
The Inspiration Medal is a unique symbol of victory and inspiration together, symbolic of the physical and mental journey each marathoner has to go through to cross the finish line.
The medal is a unique way of letting participants thank their inspirations and also spread inspiration to motivate many others.


* Only full marathon participants will be eligible for the Inspiration Medal


* Only full marathon participants will be eligible for the Inspiration Medal

The Tata Mumbai Marathon, over the last 16 years, has become much more than just a marathon, it has become India’s largest showcase of people pushing boundaries of the human spirit.

It inspired people to be better. Be better physically, be better mentally. To be a better son, a better boss, a better runner, a better Mumbaikar and above all, a better human being.

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