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About #TigerTracks

No youth icon in the country embodies the fitness ethic better than Tiger Shroff, and no one connects to a young audience better. The coming together of the Tata Mumbai Marathon and Tiger Shroff is the coming together of purpose and image.

As a Bollywood star that has broken the mould, his journey is rooted in the belief that tomorrow is not just about another twenty-four hours, but another opportunity to raise the bar & to push oneself. In short, an ethos of #BeBetter. And that’s what the Tata Mumbai Marathon is all about.

It was important to create an opportunity for people not just in India but across the world to touch the Tata Mumbai Marathon and what it stands for through Tiger Shroff. The same became possible through the digital initiative- #TigerTracks

Tiger will kick off the #TigerTracks initiative over a period of 4 weeks. Each week, brief, interesting messages will be delivered in Tiger’s own inimitable style. He will initiate certain actions and to make it interactive, will inspire others to join in and make their connection through the digital medium. The idea is to follow the tracks made by Tiger.

Participants would earn their Tiger stripes on a customised #TigerTracks Digital Medal and a lucky few would get a chance to meet him on race day. There will also be some exclusive merchandise given out to select participants.


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Terms and Conditions

A. Details of Participation in #TigerTracks & Related Terms & Condtions:

  1. The #TigerTracks initiative is open to all citizens with a valid Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.
  2. The participation can start on 7-11-2019 & end by 11-12-2019. Participants need to complete the designated #TigerTracks action for the week and share a video, photo or comment of the action to make a connection with #TigerTracks.
  3. By participating in #TigerTacks, lucky winners will get a chance to meet face of the event, Tiger Shroff on Race day and win merchandise.
  4. Every participant to follow Tata Mumbai Marathon on Twitter, Instagram or Instagram,
  5. Please ensure you tag @TataMumMarathon & use the hashtag #TigerTracks on each action post
  6. Participants can choose to post all the actions each week or at a later date in any order, before 7 pm on 11-12-2019. For e.g If you have started with action 3, you can choose to complete action 1 & 2 with week 3 and keep tuned for the week 4 action post.
  7. On earning your Tiger Stripes, your customised #TigerTracks Digital Medal will be shared with you via email post Dec 15th 2019. You can share the same with your friends and family on your digital media handles
  8. Completion of each #TigerTracks action will earn you a Tiger Stripe. Participants can earn one Tiger Stripe per activity, maximum of 4 stripes.
  9. Please note: The customised digital #TigerTracks Digital Medal is not a medal associated with any of the Race categories in the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020
  10. A few lucky participants of the #TigerTrack initiative will get a chance to meet Tiger Shroff on race day (Jan 19, 2020 in Mumbai). In order to be eligible for the meet & greet with Tiger Shroff on race day, the participant will need to head to https://tatamumbaimarathon.procam.in/tiger-tracks and fill in the required details.
  11. The winners will be notified via DM/email. Please refer to the “Terms & Conditions for #TigerTracks Gratification” below for further information
  12. Participating in #TigerTracks implies that you agree to all terms & conditions.

B. Terms & Conditions for #TigerTracks Gratification:

    A lucky few participants get to meet Tiger Shroff on race day & win other exciting merchandise as a participant of the #TigerTracks Initiative.

    B.1: Eligibility for #TigerTracks Gratification

  1. In order to be eligible for #TigerTracks gratification all you need to do is to participate via video, photo or comment (as mentioned above in (A)). It is not essential to have a digital #TigerTracks Digital Medal to be considered for final gratification
  2. The participant must provide complete and correct information with respect to his/her identity, contact details, location, age, and such other information as may be required. Failure of the participant to provide accurate information within stipulated period of 3 days(Including non working days) after getting confirmation shall lead to disqualification of such participant from the contest.
  3. All participants must be Indian citizens residing in India, of 18 years of age or above as on or before 18.01.2002 with a valid Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.
  4. While all employees of Procam International and their family members, Procam International’s associate companies, its agents, its advertising and promotional agencies and its auditors and their associate companies can participate in the #TigerTracks initiative, however, they are not eligible to receive gratification for #TigerTracks.
  5. Participants should complete minimum one action to be eligible for the gratification/s

  6. B.2: General Terms & Conditions

  7. The final winners who have participated in the #TigerTracks initiative will be shortlisted via a randomiser and will be determined at Procam International’s sole discretion. Only verified participants who have participated with an action for #TigerTracks on or before 11-12-2019, 7 pm will be eligible for gratification.
  8. The decision of Procam International on all matters relating to or in connection with this gratification (including selection of the winners) will be final and binding on all parties concerned.
  9. The winner will need to provide all the verification necessary, within the stipulated time in order to receive their gratification. In case the required details haven’t been furnished in 3 days (Including non working days), Procam International will shortlist the next valid participant.
  10. Procam International will not be held accountable for providing local ground transport, accommodation or travel facilities to the participants shortlisted for the meet & greet with Tiger Shroff.
  11. The gratification for #TigerTracks is non-transferable and non- redeemable for cash or any other gratification.
  12. The winners will need to adhere to the process and mandatories provided by Procam International related to the Race Day access
  13. Procam International reserves the right to postpone, change, amend, extend, withdraw and/or cancel the activity at any time or to accept or reject any entries at their absolute discretion without giving any prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever. In such an event, the participant shall not bring any claim against Procam International.
  14. The action post provided by each participant and any data incidental to the participation in #TigerTracks (e.g. photos, videos, comments, messages etc.) can be used by Procam International for promotional and archival purposes
  15. The participant shall hold Procam International harmless against any claims, losses, damages arising out of the participant’s participation in the contest
  16. Procam International reserves the right to change/modify terms and conditions and/or dates & schedules of criterion of #TigerTracks and gratification conditions at any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice and without assigning any reason.
  17. Procam International will not be held accountable for any circumstantial/unforeseeable delay in providing gratification to the winners.
  18. In case of any dispute or difference in respect of #TigerTracks, the decision of Procam International shall be final
  19. This contest is in no way associated with or sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and Twitter. All information in #TigerTracks is collected by Procam and not any social media page
  20. By participating we assume that you have read and understood the terms & conditions of #TigerTracks initiative