Here’s a story of a proud group of women between the age of 30 – 50, who maintain a fitness age of 20. All of them come from different backgrounds with individual identities in their own areas – be it working professionals or in being great home makers. These women are a real support system to each other during the various ups and downs of life. This once again proves that friendships which bloom over running are in fact, the best.

They are seasoned runners and high-altitude trekkers, who constantly motivate each other to perform better every day and their main motive is to stay fitter, healthier and happier! Most of them – irrespective of our gynaecological conditions – do not stop running. There are many examples where a few of them have even run marathons or trekked in Himalayas during their periods.

These runners also encourage and motivate their friends and family to focus on wellness that yields from physical and mental fitness. These women also volunteer during running events, especially like the TCS World 10K, Bengaluru. They have also conducted running events ourselves, especially a 5K event for women and children which was a run away success.

While you are at home, let your stories reach the world and help people grow beyond their limitations.

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