The Sole Sisters

12 souls whose sisterhood has become their personal support system.

For Mulund’s Sole Sisters their sisterhood is all about being there for each other, improving each other, come what may. Running parallel to their daily lives, their weekly running schedule is divided into four parts – speed intervals, inclines, tempo run and long runs over the weekend. The group also takes part in local events to keep themselves as well as others motivated, showcasing their participation through social media platforms.

Despite the motherhood duties that keep them busy, the Sole Sisters manage to take time out to follow the fitness routines and also inspire their children to do the same. They find fitness and running, a stressbuster.

Even with the nation in a state of lockdown, Mulund’s Sole Sisters have found a way to keep themselves motivated and fit. They keep each other on their toes by extending challenges such as 100 burpees, pushups and HIIT (High-intensity Interval Training). It’s not only physical activities that keep them together but exchanging food recipes and simple hacks to deal with the lockdown makes their bond even stronger. After all, when souls and soles meet, the sisterhood is bound to be powerful!

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