Strangers, runners, and now sisters. That is the sisterhood of running for Prachi and the Runaway Five. Even though they joined the running club at different times, it helped them to connect with each other irrespective of their age and background.

Sunday long run is now a much-awaited task. Few words of encouragement and banter helps them to conquer any distance. They constantly look out for each other and make sure that no one falls behind. A bad run does not disappoint any longer, because there’s nothing that a smile or hug can’t fix for them.

These long runs allows for a hearty breakfast at their favourite spots. It helps them to bond over running strategies, satiate their post-run hunger and capture beautiful memories. For this sisterhood, collective progress is more important than competition.

Outstation runs is way to explore new places through running for them. Their recent run saw them attempting 35K in the undulating hills of Lonavala. For them it was the journey that mattered which took them to a new place and a new challenge.

They take pride in having different milestones. Some are keen on improving their half marathon timings, while some want to run a marathon soon. They encourage each other and find inspiration in the success of their sisterhood.

It’s not just running that they pursue, but also share a lot of other interests. They go out on treks, travel, shop, and party together. It was a great sense of pride for Sushma, Savita and Pradnya to have completed their first-ever international marathon in Maldives in 2019 which was a part of their travelling plan. Their love for adventure has also taken them to some breath-taking peaks and challenging high-altitude treks.

Being together is like therapy for them. Celebrating birthdays and important festivals are an integral part of the sisterhood. Because of the sisterhood they have become a better version of themselves.

The sisterhood is bonded by a common phrase, “I am because of you.”

Is your sisterhood a place of therapy for you? Do you bond together and enjoy running? Then even you can share your Sisterhood of Running story with us at

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