The Gulaabi Gang

Life throws a variety of challenges, some which you overcome easily and some wherein you just need a hand holding you tight, reassuring you – and that’s sisterhood for Shama Asnani!

After a lot of encouragement, Shama completed her first half marathon in 2:40 hours in 2020, owing to the people in her life who constantly pushed her beyond limits. Till date every time she finishes a run, be it short or long, she goes in for that special hug, which is a wonderful feeling by itself. ‘I would never give up for anything in my life,’ she says. For her, this is another part of sisterhood – Gulaabi Gang – where a bunch of women who’ve only met on the street while running have become so close that they stick to each other in times of difficulty and share the laughter in times of fun.

While some of these women are veteran runners, others are still in a learning phase, but for Shama the joy of running with them is unmatchable. These women support each other wherever necessary, ensuring no one suffers any injuries and make sure to accompany one another during physiotherapy sessions when needed. They also like to discuss about healthy eating, what marathons to register for and setting targets for each other over lunches and dinners.

“We make sure to help each other in achieving our goals. If some of us pick speed we come back to match our pace with the beginners and that’s what I call being a part of the pack,” she adds.

Shama’s running journey was only possible thanks to the people she is surrounded with, and with a dash of her own perseverance and commitment. “Thank you Tata for giving me the opportunity to thank all those who have made a difference in my life – Bobby, Anjali, Neelu, Deepa, Nivi, Disha and many more whose names I haven’t mentioned but they know what they mean to me,” she concluded.

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