The Fantastic Four

For Kamalika, the date ‘5th’ holds a special significance. After losing her mother on January 5, 2019 she met Rupa on July 5, that same year. This was a life-changing moment because since then her perspective towards fitness completely changed. Before meeting her, Kamalika described herself as a lazy soul who was constantly trying various activities to stay fit and shed out the extra pounds, but to no avail. But things changed. ‘There was something about her words that motivated me to stay focused on my goals,’ says Kamalika. By sharing a diet plan and motivating them for regular brisk walks and jogging sessions, Rupa made these women realise how fitness and health can infuse happiness in life.

After meeting Rupa during one of her morning walks through a mutual friend, Seema, the trio started to train together and were joined by another runner, Papiya, forming a group called Core Four. The awesome foursome turned into each other’s pillars of strength and made each other’s morning, the best time of their day. For the group though, their captain Rupa made them who they were meant to be.

After barely three months, Kamalika’s persistence and hard work started paying off. She managed to shed around 10 kgs of body weight and even graduated from walking to running. In November 2019, the group participated in their first running event.

‘When your mentor is a close friend, learning difficult things becomes easier,’ says Kamalika. Their passion of staying fit tie these four different souls from four different areas of life-journey together as they started relishing this new chapter of life. Their Sisterhood of running has become a magnetic bond that has kept them as one during good and bad times.

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