Taher Merchant

Taher is a 35-year-old Bangalorean and also the first Indian Male to finish the Tenzing Hillary Everest Ultra Marathon in 2018. It’s a 60km Ultra Marathon, also known as the world’s highest ultra-running event which Taher completed in 19 hrs, 15 mins and 10 secs.

As parents and busy professionals, we (me and my wife) werenʼt always making time for self-care and running was our introduction to it. We started running in a stadium near our house in Jayanagar, Bangalore. As my fitness and levels improved, I realized that I truly enjoyed running and wanted to train to participate in future marathons. I ran a few marathons in 2014 and 2015 and recognized that to further develop my running technique and endurance, Iʼd need professional coaching. This led to my joining the Jayanagar Jaguars in 2016. Under Coach Pramodʼs tutelage and mentorship, I was able to dramatically improve my running technique and endurance over several marathons.

Today, I am humbled to have completed races from 10km to over 200km in some of the most challenging terrains of the world with extreme weather conditions.

As I inch closer towards a decade of running I feel that I would like to give back to the running fraternity in whatever way possible. Pacing at the TMM 2023 will give me an opportunity to help runners achieve their personal goals. It would be truly rewarding to see them fly past the finish line – that is something that I am looking forward to.

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