Sungeetha Dhanraj

Growing up as a child, I always proclaimed  to my late father when watching the Comrades Marathon on television that one day, I would like to participate in the prestigious international race. Two decades later, my childhood dream had become a much reality. Even though my father was not around to see this dream being fulfilled by his daughter participating in the ultra marathon race, I believe he is watching from above. I am a member of the Rising Sun Chatsworth Athletic Club in South Africa. I work at The Rising Sun Community Newspaper occupying the position of executive classified advertising Manager but an astute administrator and a stickler for accuracy and getting the job done to precision. I am very involved in many community and sporting based organisations in the community. My energy to get things done, spirit to succeed and commitment to my full time job is always appreciated by the upper echelons of management and to those around me. I am a go – getter who completed the 2022 Comrades Marathon. Running has become a way of life and a mantra. “I started running about six years ago and l am loving every moment of it. At first, I struggle to find my rhythm, but gradually it came with lots of dedication, long days in the sun and a well balanced diet. My support comes from my coach and husband. The both have played a pivotal role in my development and growth in my sporting career. I also like to acknowledge my CEO, Vijay Maharaj who also completed the Comrades Marathon for his words of advice and wisdom.” “Running is like a mantra. It gives me a genuine sense of fulfillment. It definitely does something for the soul. I firmly believe it is your attitude towards life that will determine life’s attitude towards you. Do not build a future for youself but built youself for the future. I personally believe your biggest wealth is your health. Each and everyone of us should start exercising. It does not only correct the body but also develops the mind. “

I spend quality  time with my husband, Ron who also completed the 2022 Comrades Marathon. I have five puppies and they are my pride and joy.

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