Running Buds

A journalist by profession, Haripriya Panicker’s life turned monotonous after childbirth. A 34 years old passionate classical dancer devoted 8 years of her life completely in the upbringing of her child. The mundane life took its toll which lead to weight gain and lethargy. It was time for her to break the shackles and get a hold of her life.

She got back to dancing and stage performances, but soon realised that she had lost all her stamina. Being in a closed environment for almost 8 years, she felt her charm was lost. She was not the bold lady she once used to be.

Eventually, she decided to improve her stamina. It initially started by joining a cycling club and later in 2016 she picked up running. In her first run with Soles of Cochin, she had struggled to finish 10K.

However, with passing time, she became a proficient runner and in the same year she completed her first half-marathon in Coimbatore in just 2 hours and 17 minutes. She took her running a notch higher by completing her first Ultra Run in the Jawadu Hills the same year. Haripriya now proudly boasts of running 3 international marathons in the last 3 years.

Running played a vital role in improving her stamina and the courage to face life. She got back to dancing with added vigour and performed at many shows since then.

In her journey, she met her mentor – Radhi. Through running, they both shared their thoughts and ideas. At a time when Haripriya was planning to quit, Radhi stood by her through her amazing leadership qualities. Radhi encouraged and inspired her all the time which strengthened their bond over the years.

Radhi, as Haripriya puts it, is the strongest pillar of her life and a true friend with whom she shares everything.

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