I. Charity Running Places

Open 10K race category registration is only open through charity, except limited running places available under Women’s Criteria. Participating non-profits have a limited number of charity bibs available with them. These bibs are unique as they can be used for any race category, including Open 10K, a participant wishes to participate in and are available on making a premium donation to these NGOs. For details related to charity running places, please refer to or email at

Participants are required to visit the Philanthropy Partner website and contact an NGO to enquire for a bib in the Open 10K category. They would then have to make a donation to the NGO. Please DO NOT DONATE DIRECTLY on the NGO page for a bib. After you have spoken with the NGO representative and decided the donation amount, the NGO will share a unique link for an online payment for the bib. Alternately, you can send a cheque in favour of United Way of Mumbai and your information to the NGO. The NGO will guide you further and give you a unique voucher code to register online for Open 10K category.

Applicants do not require a prior timing certificate to apply for a Open 10K charity bib, however if they have one and it falls under the below mentioned cut-off time, it will allow them to avail a priority line up.

II. Women’s Criteria

To encourage women applicants’ participation, there are a limited number of running places reserved for women applicants, who are not applying under charity running places. Women applicants do not require a prior timing certificate to apply for Open 10K under Women’s Criteria. Only are allowed for this criterion.

III. Persons With Disability

Procam is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) as its Inclusion Ally to encourage Persons with Disability in the Open 10K category. ABBF, a not-for-profit organization, works extensively towards inclusion via sports for persons with and without disability.

Keeping in sync with this, the 2020 edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon has officially opened up limited running places in the 10K for Persons with Disablity. This is an indispensable addition to the existing category which is currently reserved for women and charity bibs. Individuals with following disabilities can apply under this criterion: blindness (including partial blindness), hearing impairment, deaf-muteness, individuals with paraplegia and physical disability.  Please note, wheelchair users cannot apply and participate in the Open 10K race category.  This new feature also aims to motivate regular runners to volunteer for Persons with Disability as their ally, train with them and offer valuable tips that can guide them across the finish line. The Tata Mumbai Marathon also offers an equal opportunity for all participants (excluding the Allies) to compete for prize money in the open category.  

For more details log on to ABBF website -  or write to - 

Ms. Nalanda Joglekar -  
Ms. Nimisha Mehta -  


Confirmed applicants of Open 10K Run category will be eligible for priority line-up on race day within the line-up area, based on the finish times mentioned in the timing certificates submitted along with respective application form.

Line-up Section* in Open 10K Run:

Section Section Start Time [HR:MN] Section End Time [HR:MN]
A - Under 01:00
B 01:00 Under 01:10
C 01:10 Under 01:20
D 01:20 or Slower, charity running places & women participants without timing certificate


Open 10K line-up sections above are indicative and may undergo a change which will be communicated on the website post closure of all registrations. On race day timing results and certificates will be generated only for runners who complete the 10 km distance within 1 hr and 30 min from the start time.

Confirmed applicants improving their performance post submission of applicants can request for a change in the line-up section only till 22nd November 2019. Valid timing certificate needs to be emailed along with the request on