All marathon finishers will receive a Finisher Medal post their run – the first of its kind worldwide Inspiration Medal, share to inspire. Two medals attached to each other will be presented to all marathon finishers

  • The Finisher Medal – for you which is a symbol of what you have achieved, and
  • The Inspiration Medal – for the one that has inspired you, to thank them for not only inspire you to cross the finish line but also for inspiring you to #BeBetter.

Medals will not be posted to individual finishers.

Timing Certificate
Timing Certificates of marathon finishers will be available for download from the event website within 21 working days after race day.

Prize Money Structure
Prize money eligibility is subject to prize money rules and race regulations. The top 3 marathon finishers, men and women, falling within the age groups given below, shall be eligible to the following prize money:

 1st Position           50,000
 2nd Position          30,000
 3rd Position          20,000

Age groups (age as on 14th January 2023):

18 years to under 25 years        25 years to under 30 years
30 years to under 35 years      35 years to under 40 years
 40 years to under 45 years       45 years to under 50 years
  50 years to under 55 years        55 years to under 60 years
  60 years to under 65 years        65 years to under 70 years
    70 years to under 75 years           75 years and above

Winner Medals 

Winner medals will be presented to top 3 marathon finishers, men and women, in each age group as mentioned in the prize money structure above.

Merit Certificate

All finishers falling within the prize money structure will receive merit certificates certifying their prize money winning positions.

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