TMM 2020 Medical Report

Report from Dr Vijay D'Silva, Director - Critical Care and Medical Affairs, Asian Heart Institute & Medical Director, Tata Mumbai Marathon & Procam International

Total number of participants: 55322

Total number of participants with minor medical assistance:1350

Severe dehydration cases (who needed intravenous re-hydration therapy): 19

“19 runners suffered from severe dehydration. They are given intravenous re-hydration therapy at the base camp and were subsequently sent home,” said Dr Vijay Dsilva. 

Total number of hospitalised patients and their details: 17 

“There were total 17 hospitalisations (9 sent to Bombay Hospital, 6 sent to Lilavati Hospital, 1 to GT Hospital and 1 to Hinduja Hospital),” said Dr Vijay Dsilva. 

“14 runners have already been discharged (1 runner suffered hyperkelemia, 1 runner suffered a leg fracture, 1 runner suffered jaw injury, remaining cases were of dehydration and severe cramps) ,” said Dr Vijay Dsilva. 

"Two runners are still admitted at Bombay hospital. One of them had chest pain, he was attended to at the medical base camp and was diagnosed with a heart attack. He was shifted to Bombay Hospital for further treatment.  The second runner was picked up near the finish line and suffered a brain stroke. He was given preliminary treatment at the medical base camp and was shifted to Bombay Hospital,” said Dr Vijay Dsilva. 

“One 64-year-old runner who had suffered a cardiac arrest near Garvare Chowk was picked up by the ambulance on the route. After reviving him at the medical base camp, he was shifted to Bombay Hospital. He later died at the hospital,” said Dr Vijay Dsilva.

Bib no 

Name of the patient 


Type of race

Hospital that he/she has been shifted to 

Cause for hospitalisation 



Sanjay Bafna 

51-year-old male

Half marathon 

Bombay Hospital 

Brain stroke 

Admitted to the ICU 


Himanshu Thakkar 

47-year-old male 

Half marathon 

Bombay Hospital 

Heart attack 

Admitted to the ICU 


Gajendra Manjalkar 

64-year-old male 

Senior citizen run

Bombay Hospital 

Cardiac arrest 

Declared Dead

Race Promoters Procam International expressed - "We would like to thank Dr Vijay Dsilva and the entire team of the Asian Heart Institute for their round-the-clock support today.  Their tireless efforts are invaluable.

However, it is extremely sad to know that one of our senior citizen runners lost his life. Our deepest condolences to his family from the entire Procam team to face this loss. This is going to be a painful memory to erase for a long time to come. 

We pray that those participants who still require medical attention, have a speedy recovery," 

“In general the majority of the cases were of muscle cramps, dehydration, hypoglycemia and minor injuries,” added Dr Vijay Dsilva. 

 "Asian Heart Institute is proud to be the medical partner of the Mumbai Marathon for the 17th year running. Just being an enthusiast cannot suffice the purpose of participating but thorough training, medical fitness and following medical guidance are always the better options. Adequate preparation under supervision is key to completing the marathon," said Dr D’Silva.

This year from AHI, 81 rehabilitated cardiac patients (1 full marathoner, 15 half marathoners and 65 dream runners) participated in the marathon. None of them needed any kind of medical help.  

Dr Ramakanta Panda of Asian Heart Institute added, "This is a great event for the city and Procam has once again put up a great show. On our part, we are happy that all the medical cases were attended to on time." 

Medical assistance and infrastructure details provided by Asian Heart Institute: 

Asian Heart Institute (AHI), Medical partner to the TATA Mumbai Marathon, has been providing medical aid and helping Mumbai run safe since the inception of the event. In order to achieve this, AHI had set up 11 medical aid stations all along the route for any first aid requirements; 2 medical base camps (of 40 & 20 beds each) equipped to handle all emergencies. 

The hospital deployed 12 cardiac ambulances (each with a doctor and a nurse to ply on the entire route). The team also had 8 'mobile medics' (doctors on motorbikes for the entire route).  Over 500 volunteers from AHI including doctors, nurses, paramedical and support staff were on duty.

This effort was headed by Dr Vijay D'Silva, Director- Critical Care and Medical Affairs, Asian Heart Institute & Medical Director, Tata Mumbai Marathon.