Preeti Lala

I Preeti Lala, resident of Thane, Maharashtra. My passion for running started from Dec-13 when I ran the first 10k and now into ultra running.

As a profession, I teach History and Geography in a Coaching Class for 9th and 10th Standard. I am also a Certified Yoga Trainer conducting Yoga sessions for all age categories including international students. I feel yoga gives good stretch to your body, calms your mind and maintains inner strength with regular practice. Yoga and running helps in maintaining balance in your daily life.   

For me running is my passion and my life. It helps me maintain fitness and removes stress. Running also connects me with a lot of friends across India and builds relationship. It gives me an immense feeling of joy, satisfaction and mental peace in life. Running also helps in improving my self-confidence, removes negativity and love yourself.

I practice around the Upvan lake and Yeour hills area in Thane. I love this place as it has rolling hills which helps me to build endurance. The place is very scenic and serene with less traffic and crowd. There is a lot of greenery which gives an additional boost for run. I also meet a lot of my running buddies which makes my run more enjoyable.

My running journey includes 10 -10k (PB 00:48:27), 31 half marathons (PB  01:45:53), 13 full marathons (PB 03:46:54), 4 -50k, 1 -54k, Ooty Ultra 90k, 4 nos. 12 hr stadium runs (highest 91.20 km), 5 nos. 24 hr stadium runs (highest 193.60), Khardung la challenge 72k and the pinnacle of Marathon – Comrades Up (10:16:13) and Down (09:52:39). 

I was a part of the 24 hrs Asia & Oceania Championships 2022, representing India in the female category. Am proud to state that the Female team came second in the team category. 

I hereby thank TMM for having given me the opportunity to become a pacer for TMM-2023. As part of the pacer team of TMM, I will help many runners to finish their FM in their target time.

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