Mahejabin Ajmanwala

Mahejabin (popularly known as Mez in running community) is an entrepreneur, single mom and an extremely passionate runner!

She was going through a tough time in her relationship and had to move on with her son, this also disturbed and impacted her professional life; she decided to fight back and overcome challenges on her own terms. She started running to destress herself from her daily challenges and soon it became a passion which she could not do away with. She successfully did her first 10K in 2015 and decided to do a half marathon at TMM in 2017. Since than she did not look back and made running her biggest weapon to fight against all odds coming her way. She has done many 10K, more than 20 half marathons, atleat 10 + full marathons, couple of ultra runs, 12 hour stadium run, 100 Kms and 100 miles at The Hell race and she is also the only Indian female runner to successfully complete the Everesting running challenge (ERC).

She has been on podium at many occasions during her running journey of last 10 years.

Some of her biggest accomplishments are listed below.

Major Accomplishments

Runner Up 100 Miles from Jaisalmer to Laungewala in Dec 2022 in 25 hours and 35 mins.

Runner Up at 12 hour stadium run in Mumbai in Aug 2021.

100 Kms at The Hell Race in Dec 2021.

Runner Up at Lonavala Varsha 50 Km Ultra in July 2022.

Runner Up at 6 hour Endurance run in Mumbai Aug 2022.

Runner Up at Mira Bhayandar 10K run in Oct 2022.

Only Indian female runner to successfully complete Everesting Running Challenge (ERC)

Besides she has also done Tuffman challenge and couple of 100K cycle rides.

Running has helped her overcome her troubles and gave completely new dimension to life. She feels free, confident and believes she can overcome any obstacles.

She likes to meet new people, make friends, have conversations. As per her running buddies she is a great companion to run with and a constant motivator and inspiration to lot of runners; She is always appreciative of other achievements and encourages people to take up this sport; She has successfully done multiple pacing assignments in the past. TMM was her first official HM and she has also done a FM at TMM in 2018′ 2019, 2020.

So, runners who want to have lot of fun, great conversations and cross the finish line strongly and comfortably know which bus to board!

Hop on for the easiest and joyful ride!


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