It’s time to unite with the ‘Mumbai Spirit’ that always brings us together, no matter what the circumstances. TMM, embodies the pulse of Mumbai – millions of hearts beating, in sync, for something greater than itself. Each heartbeat is a celebration of our resilience, our can-do, will-do spirit, our quest for better, our desire to inspire and our unshakeable faith in ourselves. 


Whether you run for a personal best, or come together to raise money for charity, whether you’re a Mumbaikar cheering for a loved one, or an outstation runner, here to cross the finish line for the first time, each step you take is a story waiting to be told. 

Months before we arrive at the start line, the vibrations of TMM are felt throughout the city. And when our hearts finally beat to the drums of determined footsteps and our unwavering spirit of belief takes over, when we race to keep pace, and fear turns to freedom, that is when we are stronger together, stronger as individuals, stronger as a city. So let your heartbeat resound from the start line at CSMT or echo from the corners of the country. No matter where you’re running from, you are a part of the ‘Mumbai Spirit’. 


And when the start gun goes off, it will set motion to new beginnings; set motion to dreams being fulfilled.

Tata Mumbai Marathon – the largest showcase of people pushing boundaries of the human spirit – from India to the world.


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