Geetanjali Lenka

Gitanjali Lenka has been running since the past 6 years. She is an avid Marathon runner from Thane/ Mumbai and now a renowned name in the running circuit in India. 

Her biggest achievement this year was the Comrade Marathon ( South Africa 2022 ) also tagged as “ The toughest Human Race”.  It is a 90Km race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg. This year Gitanjali was the fastest Indian female who completed the race in a time of 8 hours 52 minutes, a dream for most runners. She became the second female athlete to have ever won the “Bill Rowen medal” along with 4th rank in International female category, just for scale there are 25 thousand runners from all over the globe who take part in Comrades. She has recently also started coaching and encouraging people to run and lead a healthy life. 

She ran 23 half marathons , 32 full marathons and 16 ultras and a couple of 10k. She is the podium winner (1st place) in almost all of the above. This year Gitanjali participated in the 12 hour Mumbai stadium run where she was the only female athlete to have clocked 103.7Km in 12 hours at a stretch , she also went on to win the race. She has also been the winner of Tata Ultra Marathon ( 50k) twice. She is the first athlete from Thane to qualify for the Boston marathon, she now trains for her upcoming Berlin Marathon and later Boston Marathon.  

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