Dr Erika Patel


Dr Erika Patel is gynecologist and fertility specialist by profession. Apart from being a doctor, she is a mother of a 2-year-old. She has been running since the past 8 years, however, she has always been into fitness since school. She joined Chennai Runners in 2016 after which she did her first 10km. Since then she has done numerous short-distance races (10kms and a half marathons), a few hill runs and a couple of full marathons. She ran throughout her pregnancy and postpartum and also did a couple of races when she was in my second trimester. Apart from running she also swims and cycles occasionally. One year after delivery she decided to train for the prestigious comrades marathon with her coach. On August 28, 2022 She ran and finished the comrades marathon (89.885 kms) to become the first female runner from Tamil Nadu to have attempted and completed this race.

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