Anitha Mysore Shivanna

Dinesh is a Chartered Accountant by profession and running is his passion, though many feel it’s the other way around!!!!
Running was never his forte and the story started at the finish line of of a 5K WALK in Dec 2010 at the Goa River Marathon. Starring the finish line then and with the intention of seeing the HM finish line in the next edition of the Goa River Marathon. Dinesh ran his first timed run at the TCS World 10K in June 2011 followed by his First Half Marathon at the Goa River Marathon in Dec 2011.

The First Full being at the then Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in Jan 2013
Spoiled by choices he started running Ulra distances in 2013 and currently prefers the ultra distances

10 – 10K;
49 – Half Marathons
42 – Full Marathons
03 – 50K
03 – 75/80 K
04 – 100K
03 – Khardugla Distance
01 – 100 Mile

Besides a couple of ultra swim events ranging for 02K to 05K and 2 times 70.3 (Half Iron Man distances)

…..this sport is addictive he claims.

At race events he prefers pacing officially or a select set of friends and doesn’t believe in racing at events. A Gadget free runner, so the GPS watch you see at the “pace day” is a borrowed one. Conversation with fellow runners is the closest he can get to music on the run!!
Having paced at the Mumbai Marathon 4 times:
Twice at the then SCMM and twice at the TMM – he is back it for the 5th time

Personal best runs to him, are runs where he can help fellow runners complete their runs or help them achieve their respective time goals – this could be even training runs and not necessarily race events.

So friends from the community who wanna see the finish line at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2023 in the designated time with e lot of Banter and stories of and from Goa – you know which bus to catch!!
PS:  – all the seats on this bus are window seats

His favourite line:
Strength lies in not seeing the finish line…. It’s that you have come to the start line is what is strength“.


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