#BeBetter - Ethos of the Tata Mumbai Marathon

The Tata Mumbai Marathon is the largest showcase of people pushing the boundaries of the human spirit. This includes not only the marathoners but also spectators, viewers, volunteers, fundraisers and all the people who experience and touch the event in different ways.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon inspires people to 'Be Better'. Be better physically, be better mentally. To be a better son, a better boss, to be a better Mumbaikar. It is this sense of inspiration that brings back people year after year to the event.

Inspire to #BeBetter - The TMM 2019 Campaign

We understand that behind any success, there are those invisible forces and individuals that provide the support and impetus to excel. We rarely acknowledge the contribution of people who have inspired us to achieve our goals and impacted our life journey.

The Tata Mumbai Marathon 'Inspire to Be Better' campaign values the inspiration stories of people from all walks of life, thanking those who inspired them to be better.

Take a moment to pause and think about the ones who have impacted your life. It may be your spouse, your ex boss, your kids, your coach, a neighbour or your teacher from school that you remember till date.

Submit your story and thank the person who Inspires you to Be Better