Ashraf Orrie

I work in construction; my company employs around 80 people, and we work on high-end residential dwellings around the Cape.

I am also a runner and triathlete who is committed to maintaining top physical fitness. Most weeks, I train seven days, and on most weekends, I take part in organized running events, both road and trail. In addition to keeping myself in good shape, I am dedicated to helping others reach their peak fitness and pushing them to go further realizing goals and reaching milestones they never thought they were capable of.

My professional and fitness activities have required good communication skills and together with my experience, I have been asked to be keynote speakers at many events around the country. To some I am a role model, with my extensive running milestones achieved locally and abroad but I am just Ashraf Orrie, born and bred Capetonian with a passion for the sport.


  • Completed multiple marathons, including ultra-marathons like Comrades and Two Oceans
  • Completed several Iron Man events.
  • Completed numerous Ultra Trail Events, locally and internationally.
  • I can be seen regularly at running events as a pace-setter, sometimes unofficially and without realizing it, I help get runners across the finish line in the times they desire.

Notable Achievements:

  • Participated in UTMB world trail championship in Mont Blanc in 2022. (UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc)
  • I was elected to compete in Ironman World Champs in St George Utah in 2022.

I am driven to succeed in every aspect of my life, on the road or mountains, running or on the construction site, building.

What I do for myself, I also try and see it through for others like planning regular training runs to support everyone’s goals. Getting runners entered and ready for big events is a passion of mine and I often manage these in large numbers. The community turn to me for and guidance on their running journey’s daily.

I am also brand ambassador for brands I believe in and one’s I feel I need to share with others.

I am the head and founder of the popular Cape Town run-crew, Strong2Run which Flats2Mountains was born out of.

Strong2Run (S2R): community-based run-crew with more than 200 members and 1000s of followers.

Flats2Mountains (F2M): an NPO taking less fortunate athletes from our community and giving them opportunities to go places and reach goals they never thought they could or ordinarily would have achieved. The goal of F2M is to equip and train runners with potential but not financially able to participate in running events like Ultra Trail Cape Town. We work towards sponsoring and finding sponsors to make their dreams a reality.

My involvement with many corporates and having access to potential funding partners has made it possible to create these opportunities for athletes.

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