Ashok Kumar E R

Ashok Kumar E R, Full Marathon, 4 Hour Pacer

Ashok is an entrepreneur, social worker and a seasoned full marathoner from the Bangalore running circuit. Running his 22nd full marathon, this Mumbai marathon will mark his 8th race in Mumbai. Having started his running journey in 2010, he has hardly missed any week of training, achieving many under 4hr marathons. From his first FM at Auroville (6 hour) to his most recent Berlin Marathon (3h 39m), he believes time improvement comes from consistency of training, injury prevention, diet, discipline and most importantly, friends made along the way. He also has the 100km Ultra Marathon 2021 under his belt.

He does his long runs around the beautiful lakes of Bangalore including  Agara, KVH and KKH and occasionally inside Cubbon Park or Lalbagh with his running buddies from Jasmine Running Club (JRC), which he co-founded.

Ashok was the CEO of Scripbox, a well known digital wealth management company. After scaling Scripbox from early stage to growth stage, he went on to pursue his long term passion to serve the society by joining GiveIndia (NGO) as their President and served them during Covid years. Prior to that Ashok has over 2 decades of corporate leadership experience with leading B2C & B2B brands like Wipro, Intel & Cisco.

He is pacing this year to express his gratitude to his running mentors, friends and to the growing Indian running community. 

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