Anitha Mysore Shivanna

Anitha Roopesh is a fitness enthusiast and runner by passion from Mysuru. She works as a Senior Project Manager in Infosys, a mother and a home maker who took up running to be active. She had never played any sports in her childhood; little did she know that she would take up one of the most grueling sport one can think of! She started road running in Colorado Springs eventually taking up longer distances with Mysoorunners, a city based running group. Driven by challenges she has constantly kept scaling up her goals from race to race to get to the finish line no matter what!

Her simple mantra “where there is a will, there is a way!” and “never give up” attitude.

I have just added my podium finish, if needed can be included.

Podium finisher of

2019 Ooty ultra 30km

2019 Malnad Ultra 50km

2021 Bangalore 12hr stadium run

2021 Malnad Ultra 80km

2022 Ooty ultra 60km

2022 Malnad Ultra 100km

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