Anirudh Athani

While Anirudha is an engineer by profession, his passion is Running!

Anirudha got into distance running in 2012 with his first Half-Marathon. He finds distance running meditative and loves running ultra distances. Over the years he has run several Ultra Marathons such as Bangalore Ultra 50k (2015), Endurathon 54k (2016), Pune Ultra 75k (2016), Pune Ultra 100k (2017, 2021), Comrades UltraMarathon (2017), 24-hour Ozone Endurance Challenge USA (2018), 24-hour Stadium Run (2018), Bhatti Lakes Ultra 100 Miles (2019), Border Ultra 100 Miles (2021) and several 12-hour runs.

A Certified Marathon Trainer (2015) from ACSM Mumbai, he firmly believes Running is part of our identity as Human beings, and if trained properly it is possible for just about anyone at any age to run a Marathon. As Head Coach at ActivNRG Athletic Club in Nashik, he has been coaching runners of all experience levels from Beginners to Ultra Runners and helping them achieve their running potential.

One important thing Covid has taught us is that Health truly is Wealth. Anirudha believes that the Human body’s natural state is to thrive and be healthy, however we humans just need to stop getting in our own way. An ACE Certified Health Coach since 2020, Anirudha is on a mission to educate and empower people to take responsibility for their own health, promoting a Healthy Lifestyle to achieve excellent metabolic health, maintain optimum weight and achieve sports performance goals.

Anirudha has always been good at pacing himself during races, and is known for running Negative Splits in most of his Half & Full Marathons and also at Comrades. He loves pacing as he finds it very satisfying to prepare and execute the best pacing strategy to help people enjoy their run and achieve their potential. He has been pacing since 2014, and has successfully paced at several Half Marathons at Thane, Goa, Nashik, Pune, Aurangabad and Full Marathons at AHM Hyderabad (2017, 2018, 2019) and TMM Mumbai (2019, 2020). He looks forward to pacing at TMM again in 2023!

As a personal landmark, he achieved his Boston Qualification time at BMW Berlin Marathon in 2022 and his personal bests are 1:33 (HM) and 3:14 (FM) both in 2022.

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